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In recent years, craft beer with unique flavors, high quality, and creativity has gradually become the new favorite of people who appreciate good food and drinks. People have grown tired of the monotonous taste of traditional commercial beer brands and have turned to seek more diverse and refined tasting experiences. Craft beer, with its distinctive flavors, carefully selected ingredients, and exquisite brewing techniques, has attracted an increasing number of beer enthusiasts. This craft beer trend not only brings more choices but also provides greater opportunities for brewers to showcase their skills, allowing people to enjoy the limitless possibilities of beer.

Below are three of the most unique local craft beer brands in Hong Kong that you shouldn’t miss if you want to experience the local vibe:

1. Young Master Brewery
Founded in 2013 by Rohit Dugar from India, Young Master Brewery is the first craft brewery in Hong Kong and currently the largest craft beer brand in the city. They have two brewing factories covering over 10,000 square feet in the Southern District, with the Wong Chuk Hang location featuring a retail area and speical brewery tours. Young Master Brewery incorporates Hong Kong culture into their beer offerings, including their signature drink “CHA CHAAN TENG SOUR”, the cha chaan teng classic drink, mixing seven up with salted lime. They also have seasonal brews like “Flower Child,” named after the classic Hong Kong film “In the Mood for Love,” among others.
Pub 1842 Address: Jardine House, 9A-C, BaseHall, LG, 1 Connaught Pl, Central
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00-17:00 (except Thursday)
Young Master Brewery
Creator: Storius 
2. Mak’s Brewery
In 2014, three beer enthusiasts and native “Hong Kongers” – Apo, Ade, and Mark – founded Mak’s Brewery, the first craft brewery in Hong Kong with an all-local team. They named their beer series after “grains” and aspired to become experts in the beer world, much like the philosopher Mozi during the Warring States period, aiming to create truly Hong Kong-style craft beer. Mak’s Brewery is known for its whimsical and creative craft beers, such as “Salt Pans,” inspired by the salt fields in Sai Kung, “Longan,” inspired by the herbal tea made by Apo’s mother, and “White Orchid,” inspired by the street vendors selling fragrant orchids in Hong Kong’s alleyways.
Address: Tsuen Wan, Wang Lung St, 78-84, 12C Jing Ho Industrial Building
Opening Hours: Weekdays 12:00-18:00
Three young individuals from the ’80s, Chris, Jason, and Angus, believe that every seemingly ordinary person possesses some kind of heroic quality within them. Therefore, in 2017, they established hEROES “Drinkers Deserve Heroic Beers” Limited, aiming to tailor beers that resonate with the “beer heroes” and fulfill their dreams. Each handcrafted beer introduced by hEROES draws inspiration from beer heroes themselves. For example, “Hangry Donut,” inspired by a silly character who loves eating donuts, “HUNK SIR,” a Milk Coffee and Black Beer concoction brewed by the mad scientist HUNK SIR, and “Alchem-Ms.,” a Berliner Weisse created by Alchem-Ms. to improve the world of low-quality beverages.
Address:  Unit 3C, Wah Fai Industrial Building, 4 Sze Shan St, Yau Tong
Storius has designed a tasting tour experience that introduces the stories behind local specialty restaurants, bars, and craft beer brands. These entrepreneurs not only carry on traditions but also lead the new era of culinary culture with innovative thinking, conveying the spirit and taste of Hong Kong to the world. If you’re interested in this, make sure to download the Storius App and explore “Hong Kong Delights – Taste the City”!

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