Man Mo Temple

More Than a Place of Worship: Man Mo Temple’s Role in Early Hong Kong

Apart from fine restaurants and big shopping malls, Hong Kong also has many ancient temples that allow tourists to gain an in-depth understanding of local beliefs and customs. By learning about these hidden attractions, even a week-long trip to Hong Kong will provide a whole new perspective and understanding of this city.
Located on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan district, Man Mo Temple was one of the major Taoist temples in early colonial Hong Kong. Due to the underdeveloped legal system back then, the temple served as a venue for Chinese residents to conduct oath-taking rituals like “Chicken  and joss paper offering”, to resolve disputes in the community.
Funded by two Chinese merchants in 1847-1862, Man Mo Temple complex consisted of three main halls – Man Mo Hall, Lit Shing Kung (列聖宫) and Kung So (公所), emulating the architectural features of traditional southern Chinese temples. Since 1908, it has been managed by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. An annual autumn ritual is held here with attendance from the group and local dignitaries, paying homage to Wen Wang and Wu Wang for blessings to Hong Kong.
In the early colonial days, Man Mo Temple took up additional roles in education and community affairs. It advocated and provided free schooling, and became one of the pioneering places to promote Chinese education in Hong Kong. The temple was also a gathering place for local clansmen and settlements of disputes, demonstrating its significant function and influence in the social and cultural aspects of the society back then.
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Travel Route:   Man Mo Temple (Frence Wall)  →  Man Mo Temple (Main Entrance)  →  Man Mo Temple (Interior)  →  “Kung Sor”   (Exterior)  →  Kwong Fook (Right and Main Entrance)  → Kwong Fook (Front Hall)  →  Kwong Fook (Rear Hall) 
Man Mo Temple
Man Mo Temple (Fence Wall) The Five Wan
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