A stunning island located in the center of East Asia that is well-known for its rich cultural legacy, stunning natural settings, and mouthwatering cuisine.

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Walls of Taipei

Taipei City Wall Tour


Walls of Taipei, a magnificent historical site located in the heart of Taipei City. This iconic landmark showcases Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage and its ties to the Qing Dynasty. With its awe-inspiring architecture and intricate details of North Gate and the walls, the site offers a captivating window into Taiwan’s regal history, beckoning history enthusiasts and curious travelers alike to explore its grandeur.


Travel Route:

 Walls of Taipei  →  MRT Beimen Station  →  National Taiwan Museum Railway Department Park  →  Taipei Info Hub  →  Taipei City Wall (North Gate)  →  Taipei Post Office   →  Futai Street Mansion  →  The National Center of Photography and Images

Tamsui Historical Tour


Located in New Taipei City, the captivating district of Tamsui beckons with its rich historical heritage. Nestled along the tranquil banks of the Tamsui River, this enchanting destination offers a delightful amalgamation of cultural landmarks that showcase its colonial history. Embark on a mesmerizing journey through Tamsui as we delve into its past, and discover the stories that link Tamsui to different colonial powers, offering a deeper understanding of its fascinating historical tapestry. (to be launched in the future in English)


Travel Route:

 Fort Santo Domingo  →  Hobe Fort  →  Tamsui Customs Wharf  →  Hobe Mackay Hospital  →  Tamsui Church  → Tamshui Fuyou Temple  →  Former British Merchant Warehouse 
LGBTQ+ community in Taiwan

From Secret Garden to Queer Charm: Unveiling the 228 Peace Disaster Prevention Park


The 228 Peace Disaster Prevention Park is an iconic landmark and establishment that have played pivotal roles in the LGBTQ+ movement. The tour highlighting the strides made towards equality and acceptance and celebrate the rich history and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community in Taiwan. From vibrant LGBTQ+ neighborhoods to inclusive cafes and bars, you’ll experience the vibrant spirit and diversity of the community. (to be launched in the future in English)


Travel Route:

 228 Peace Disaster Prevention Park  →  Changde Street  →  National Taiwan Museum  →  Red House Theater  →  Cafe Dalida

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