A diverse and historically significant Middle Eastern country, celebrated for its religious heritage, vibrant cities and stunning landscapes.

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Jesus Carries The Cross

14 Stations of the Via Dolorosa – Witnessing Every Moment of Christ’s Passion


Join Freddy, the CEO of Stroius on a profound pilgrimage to retrace the final days of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. . Journey along the Via Dolorosa, a path of deep significance, visiting fourteen renowned locations that illuminate Jesus’ transformative journey from trial to suffering, crucifixion, death, and burial. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus and immerse yourself in the history and spiritual power of the Holy Land. Engage in deep spiritual reflection and contemplation, while studying the profound scriptures of the Old and New Testament to unveil divine revelations. (to be launched in the future in English)


Travel Route:

 Jesus Is Condemned to Death  →  Jesus is given His cross  →  Jesus Falls the First time.  →   Jesus Meets His Mother  →  Simon of Cyrene Carries Christ’s Cross  →  Veronica wipes the face of Jesus  →  Jesus Falls the Second Time  →  Jesus meets the Daughters of Jerusalem  →  Jesus Falls the Third Time  →  Jesus is Stripped of His Garments  →  Jesus Arrives at Golgotha  →  Jesus Dies on the Cross  →  Jesus’ Body is Removed from the Cross  →  Jesus is Laid in the Tomb and Covered in Incense

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