“The Power Of Storytelling” Workshop With Mr. Suren Huan Feng

We hosted a workshop for all Storytellers, Chapter Managers, and interns on 21st May 2021, where Mr. Suren Huan Feng shared his insights on the power of storytelling!

Storius believes in the power of storytelling in inspiring other people and exerting a positive influence on our community. In this workshop, Suren shared with Storians how he inspired and uplifted other people through the narration of his own life story. 

About Suren Huan Feng

Suren is the Co-Founder of Greenbox, a start-up that advocates environmental awareness with the production of sustainable packaging boxes. Studying a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently in his third year of studies at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, Suren is dedicated to creating more social impact through his attention and contribution to environmental protection. He also aspires to empower the people he meets with his beliefs and actions. 

“What kind of person can be a Storyteller?”

In this workshop, participants, which consisted of Storytellers and interns, were first divided in breakout rooms to discuss the question “What kind of person can be a Storyteller?” Some participants suggested that a Storyteller needs to have good writing and delivery skills and audience awareness, which are practical skill sets and characteristics of a writer/Storyteller. 

Yet, Suren, with his strong advocacy of community empowerment, emphasised the content of personal storytelling, which, he believes, effectively moves and empowers other people. He suggested breaking down our vast life experiences and narrating them in four main narrative approaches — life journey, upbringing, loss and dreams. A Storyteller could narrate some important personal encounters in his life and how these opportunities possibly shape his career or life path. Through talking about his upbringing, notable losses in life and lifelong goals, the audience could learn more about his background and his endeavour to create a bigger social impact for a good cause. These points, according to Suren, could serve as sources of inspiration and great advice for aspiring individuals to realise their passion and do the same, regardless of any obstacles on the way. 

Towards the end of this workshop, participants were also given a “ME-time”, in which they were told to reflect upon themselves, set up achievable goals, and kickstart their journey of storytelling. Suren also gave numerous advice to our participants about ways to realise and sustain his passion. 

Through this workshop, Storius hopes to spread this important message that EVERYONE has the power of storytelling, as each and everyone of us have our own unique life stories worthy to be known. 

Practical skill sets and knowledge are important, but what maximises our social impact and our positive influence to other people are our voice and willingness to share and help others.

Stay tuned for more inspirational workshops about audio storytelling, world cultures, travelling and more!