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Enabling contact-free tourism through highly accessible, location-based, and crowd-sourced audio stories

What is storius?

Storius is the first free app providing travellers with local insights in short audio clips that are location-based and crowd-sourced.

Why Storius?

Of Its Kind

Think of us as the next "Instagram for Audio" or a "Podcast Guide for Travellers"

Serves Travellers
with an Indulging Travel Experience

The largest crowd-sourced audio guide with local insights for free; fostering a contact-less, meaningful and immersive travel experience

Serves Storytellers
with a Global Platform

A platform for Storytellers from all around the world to share their authentic, location-based stories and preserve their local heritage

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Why Leadership Matters Workshop

Date: 26 June, 2021
Location: Zoom (NO JOINING FEE; FREE)
Time: 8:00PM-9.30PM (HKT)

Learn how to develop your leadership skills from our talented speakers: Joao Baptista P. Guterres, Chapter Manager at Storius and Nophabodee Koonmongkon, Analyst at BTS Consulting and former Country Director of AIESEC in Thailand.

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Storius prototype Demo

Check out our prototype demo!

We are still working hard on finishing our app and are eager to soon release it on app stores.

Join our Growing Community of Partners

We believe in the success of Storius, and so do many of our partners.

Hugo Tsang

Manager of Blue House
(UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation)


“During the pandemic, we hope to leverage a new method for the public to conduct self-guided tours. With this platform, the public can hear the residents sharing history, community stories and understand more community features.”