Leadership is vital in any workplace. Setting objectives and goals in the workplace might be complex if a leader does not have proper leadership skills. It is simply an important asset in today’s world because a leader needs to acquire sets of skills that go beyond what is written in the textbook. Workplace culture is always changing and so should one’s skills accordingly. 

In our workshop, “Why Leadership Matters,” it was discussed that anyone could become a leader regardless of their age. There are a set of skills that all leaders need to have but besides that, one should know that with experience and depending on the situation these sets of skills need to be updated every now and then. Thus, with experience and practice, anyone has the ability to become a leader. 

The word ‘leadership’ might sound big, but in reality, it is practically more attainable than you think. For instance, being able to help someone step out of their comfort zone and guide them along the process confidently can indicate having good leadership skills. 


Leadership Coaching

One of our guest speakers, Nophabodee Koonmongkon (Phuket), shared his personal growth story from being a reserved undergraduate student to an outspoken young global leader. He pinpointed the importance of self-leadership, as he believes it to be a driving force to success for people in any field of work. 

Likewise, Joao Baptista (John), our other guest speaker, started his journey with Storius as a Storyteller to share his local stories and insights of the place he grew up in. Having then been promoted to Chapter Manager, he talked about how managing and leading a team of global Storytellers helped to expand his knowledge by developing his leadership skills and also contributed to his personal growth.

Furthermore, it was deliberated in the workshop whether goals could change over time.  We concluded that if people are well equipped to lead themselves regardless of circumstance, any goal can be achieved. Participants were also given a chance to reflect and explore their own version of leadership. It was an uplifting experience that helped people explore and understand how others maintain their goals as they pursue leadership positions in their own unique ways.


Key learnings

The key to success is hidden in one’s daily routine. Phuket and John are two different individuals with goals that vary according to their own individual interests. Both of them were able to dedicate and lead themselves successfully to their goals because of their self-leadership skills.

Oftentimes people forget that planning ahead of time and taking steps everyday to achieve your set goals is much better than not doing anything at all even with how unclear the initial goal is. It does not matter how small your first step is, once the action has been carried out, you will find a way and make whatever it is happen and then be able to take your next step. You just need to be able to guide yourself and trust in your potential.

On the other hand, if you do not take any actions, you will not be able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You need to take a step, look ahead and think of your long-term plans. You will fall but you will most certainly learn and find yourself in a different place you were in before. 

With that being said, have you taken any actions yet to achieve your goals and move ahead in life both personally and professionally? If so, give us some tips on how you plan on doing that! 

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