Our CEO Freddy Law’s Television Appearance

Our CEO Freddy Law was recently featured in the last episode of ViuTV’s “Changemakers” programme, which involves interviews with local entrepreneurs who tackle social problems with their own innovative solutions. As an innovation consultant advocating for social innovation and creative problem solving, Freddy shared his knowledge and expertise in social entrepreneurship through introducing several concepts related to social innovation. 

Instead of having a conventional career path as a software engineer in the technological industry, Freddy decided to be a “social engineer”, as pinpointed in the episode, who has been striving to create a bigger social impact by promoting social innovation. Having started from scratch with a start-up company advocating for cultural integration ten years ago, Freddy has now accumulated numerous experiences in the field as an award-winning entrepreneur, consultant and lecturer. Visit our website to learn more about Storius, an app co-founded by Freddy Law, Ke Lin Linka, and Till Kraemer with hopes of improving the tourism industry.

Despite his personal success and reputation, Freddy is dedicated to nurturing young people and equipping them with relevant design thinking and entrepreneurial mindsets. Seeing the potential of social innovation, Freddy aims to encourage youth to think creatively and confidently, so as to identify existing problems as innovative opportunities. 

Learn more about Freddy with the link here. If you would like to watch the full episode in English, click here and register a ViuTV account for free.