Tipping & Supporting Storytellers

At Storius, be believe in preserving cultural heritage and in empowering individuals and organisations to research, record and share local knowledge. 

We partner with local communities, governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as heritage sites directly, and many of them depend on donations visitors or patrons. 

Storius wants to help and therefore offers listeners to “tip” the storyteller with an in-app purchase (administration fees apply). Eligible storytellers will receive payouts in regular intervals, and both the payee as well as the donor will receive a notification of the tip and it will appear in the their tipping record. 

If you cannot tip a given storyteller, then that account is not yet eligible for tipping due to legal or financial compliance reasons. If you represent an NGO, a heritage organisation or an individual who wishes to receive tips, or if you have any enquiries regarding tipping, please email 

Thanks for your support!