Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey with Storius.

We make the trip convenient, simple, and affordable for tourist destinations and attractions of all kinds. Say goodbye to the hassle of creating and maintaining custom apps; Storius effortlessly weaves convenience, simplicity, and affordability into the tapestry of the digital visitor experience.

Share your stories with us!

Let Storius be the visitors’ trusted companion as they traverse the globe, transforming the trips into seamless, stress-free adventures. This groundbreaking platform empowers to delve deeper into the hidden tales that lie behind the places they visit, all while enhancing the trip with unparalleled convenience, simplicity, and affordability. No more rushing or headaches in planning; Storius liberates visitors to fully immerse themselves in the wonders of their chosen destination.
With Storius, visitors can effortlessly unlock a treasure trove of stories by simply opening the app and immersing themselves in the tales you share. No more fumbling with audio equipment—Storius brings the narratives to life with just a few taps of your fingertips.

Our Happy Clients!

It’s a perfect tech partner for visitors to explore by themselves


Blue House

Usually, our physical guides will be tired of leading 3-5 times a day during summer. Now with Storius, we can offer both physical and digital guides for more.


Heritage Office

We serve over 1000 people a year with physical tours. Now Storius helps serve 1000+ people on the app.

Social Worker

Christian Concern For The Homeless Association

Leading 200 students to explore was extremely difficult in the past. Storius helped a lot.



Why partner with Storius

Partnering with Storius offers numerous benefits for businesses and organizations looking to enhance their visitor experiences. You will gain access to a well-established platform that specializes in self-guided audio tours, allowing you to tap into a growing user base of travelers seeking immersive and educational experiences. 

Build Your Audio Guide

We empower businesses and organizations to build their own audio guides tailored to their unique offerings. This will allow you to curate a personalized experience for visitors.

Build brand, share impact, enrich the on-site experience

Our platform enables you to communicate your unique selling points, educate visitors about your initiatives. By integrating your brand's story, values, and mission into the audio guide, you can deepen the connection between visitors and your organization.

Empower the next generation

We help inspire curiosity, promote historical and cultural understanding, and foster a love for learning among children and students with our app. By embracing Storius, you actively contribute to shaping the educational journeys of future generations.

Past Events

Local Self-Guided Tour

Local self-guided tours on our app offer a convenient and immersive way for individuals to discover and appreciate the richness of their surroundings at their own pace.

Charity Walk


We extend our platform to support charity walks, allowing organizations to create audio-guided experiences for participants.

Exhibition Docents


We serve as a platform for exhibition docents to provide audio commentary and insights to enhance visitors’ museum or gallery experiences. 

Knowledge Sharing

We facilitate knowledge sharing by enabling experts, enthusiasts, and educators to create audio content on various subjects. 

Training Program


We provide trainings and workshops for creating audio and written content.

Large Scale Orienteering

We accommodate large-scale orienteering activities by providing audio-guided navigation and checkpoints for their participants.

How Storius can help

Build a self-paced tour for everyone

We allow you to build your own self-paced tour, tailored to our partners’ needs and preferences. 

Make the tour social distancing friendly

We promote social distancing by allowing users to navigate at their own pace, avoiding crowded areas.

Make the tour more interactive

We believe that the best tours are the ones that engage and captivate. Users can immerse themselves in captivating narratives and discover hidden stories.

Create a timeless tour

We offer a unique opportunity to create a timeless audio tour that transcends the boundaries of time and space. 

Connect people with your brand story

We can help you to forge personal connections with you potential customers and foster brand loyalty that extends beyond traditional marketing methods.

Let more people know your brand story

We provide a convenient and accessible channel to share your brand story with the world, allowing more people to discover and connect with your message.

Elevate your brand with Storius

When you partner with Storius, you open up a world of opportunities to take your brand to new heights. With our extensive tourism expertise, technology, and access to a vast user base, our platform can provide a significant boost to your venture. Join forces with Storius and unlock the advantages that can elevate your brand in the competitive tourism industry.

Make your tour long-lasting

While you spent a lot of effort creating a tour that shares your unique story, please don’t waste it by hosting it once in a while.

Lower the cost of touring

We understand how much it costs to hire a person to guide a tour that matches your brand image. With our service, you can provide a quality tour without staffing.

Your stories will not be limited to your audience

All our app users will now be able to know your brand stories when they are nearby or search for more stories to listen to.

Enhancing your brand image

We know that more hidden stories in your community or brand will attract more people to get involved. Share with them and expect some unexpected new group of fans.

What we can offer

Tailor-made banner

Your banner will pop up in our app to attract more people to join.

Multi-languages support

User can choose the language suits their best.

Audio Production

No skills needed, we can do the audio production for you.

Geo-tagged map

User can see the audio spot nearby once they reach the location.

Community Engagement

User can comment on the spot and share their own thoughts.

Read and listen, together

No matter user wants to read or listen, we are all covered.