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Why Partner with Us

When you partner with Storius, you open up a world of opportunities to take your brand to new heights. With our extensive tourism expertise, technology, and access to a vast user base, our platform can provide a significant boost to your venture.  Join forces with Storius and unlock the advantages that can elevate your brand in the competitive tourism industry.

Make your tour long-lasting

Maximize the impact of your handcrafted tours by partnering with Storius. Our self-guided audio tours connect you with a broader audience, allowing you to share your expertise with all those who wish to learn.

Lower the cost of touring

Eliminate the expense of hiring tour guides while still offering a top-quality tour experience. Our self-guided audio tours empower visitors to explore at their own pace, ensuring a seamless and meaningful experience.

Your stories will not be limited to your audienc

Discover and engage with your brand stories on our app. Whether users are nearby or searching for captivating narratives, our platform provides easy access to your unique stories.

Enhancing your brand image

Apart from sharing your vision with your community, we can also assist you in expanding these narratives to reach and engage new and unexpected groups of fans through the art of storytelling.

Previous Partners


Professional Knowledge Sharing

Commissioner for Heritage's Office
  • The Commissioner for Heritage’s Office (CHO) is a government department responsible for the preservation, promotion, and management of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage.
  • Challenge: Large-scale guided tours of historical sites led by experts or professors.
  • Solution Approach: Leveraging technology  for a long-lasting while simultaneously expanding our reach to a broader user base and educating the public on heritage.
  • Project Execution : 5 tours were organized led by esteemed history experts including, the Dean of the History Department at City University, and professors from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). The app attracted +1000 users , and its popularity has grown ever since.
            Learn More : The Commissioner for Heritage‘s Office (CHO)
Heritage Vogue Hollywood Road


NGO Social Issue Awareness

  • Hong Kong Unison is a prominent NGO in Hong Kong that focuses on advocating for the rights and well-being of ethnic minority communities.
  • Challenge: In search of a fundraising walking tour to promote cultural diversity and foster unity within the community.
  • Solution Approach: Local ethnic minority communities express their narratives through storytelling.
  • Projection ExecutionThree unique tours were created on the cultural diversity of Hong Kong, supported by renowned artists and dedicated volunteers who provide voice-over narration.
            Learn More: Unison – Diverse City
Unison Tours


Public Education

  • The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (CACHe) a non-profit conservation group promoting the preservation of history, cultures, and heritages in Hong Kong.
  • Challenge: Conducting research on the top 100 heritage sites in Hong Kong and sharing this information with a wider audience in multiple languages.
  • Solution Approach: Individually pinning all these stories on our map, gathering local narratives, and sharing captivating histories and cultural significance so anyone passing by can deepen their understanding of our heritage.
  • Projection Execution: Documented 100 captivating stories about heritage, available in three languages, all accessible for free.
            Learn MoreCACHe
CACHe Stories


Oral History Recording

  • “Community-based Narratives and Public Experiential Engagement for Cultural and Historical Heritage Conservation and Revitalisation of Yim Tin Tsai, Sai Kung” is organised by The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Challenge: Collect and record vivid oral stories from villagers, capturing their authentic memories, and sharing them with a wider audience to preserve and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Yim Tin Tsai in Hong Kong.
  •  Solution Approach: Engage with the narratives of its inhabitants, thereby fostering a heightened comprehension and admiration for the locality and gaining valuable insights into its historical, agrarian traditions, religious dimensions etc.
  • Projection Execution: Two Guided tours led by local villagers in collaboration with researchers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Conveniently accessed through our app free of charge.
            Learn More: YTTStorytelling


Professional Knowledge Sharing

Ying Fuk Tsang Tour
  • Prof. Ying Fuk Tsang is a scholar of religious history from CUHK who has been engaged in the study of Chinese Christianity and contemporary Chinese state-religion relations for many years. 
  • Challenge: The infrequent personal guided tours led by professors limit access to their valuable knowledge and expertise, depriving many individuals of the opportunity to benefit.
  • Solution Approach: By leveraging the professor’s expertise and knowledge, an immersive experience is designed for those who seek to expand their understanding.
  • Projection Execution: The physical guided tour is recorded and transformed into a digital format within the Storius app, allowing anyone to freely download and participate in the professional tour experience.

If You Are ...

Knowledge owners that have a lot of great stories

If you have expertise in a specific field, you are encouraged to share it through our guided tour app.

Eager to share with more people

If you seek to enhance public awareness for your project, organization, or brand, we are happy to exploring potential collaboration to achieve your goal.

Looking for technology solutions

We are capable of offering technical solutions to both public and private tour organizers who aim to provide self-guided tours for their participants.

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