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We celebrate the joy of travelling, learning, and storytelling! Our curated stories and tours are meticulously crafted to ignite those “Aha moment” that make traveling extraordinary. Our mission is to make exploration accessible and affordable, while fostering meaningful connections and creating shared experiences through the art of storytelling. Join us on this adventure!


Are you a museum goer, cultural heritage explorer or simply someone who loves joining walking tours ?
If you are passionate about culture and love to immerse yourself in cities by foot, then …
Storius is made for you!


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Love for traveling. 
Travelling taught us the best guides are the locals with their own unique experiences and stories to share.
Love for learning.
Inspired by the self-audio guide, we envisioned an audio guide that transforms the whole city into a museum. Unveil the hidden gems and captivating stories found in every corner, enabling everyone to appreciate the city’s rich history and heritage.
Love for podcast
Through the sharing of stories by locals and experts, accompanied by short audio narratives with geotags, a deeper connection between people and the places they encounter can be fostered.

Stories made people curious,

Stories connect us,


What Do We Offer?

Technology: At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when no-human contact innovations were at their height, our comprehensive self-guided tour app was made possible.
Mission: To share enthralling narratives that would ignite a sense of wonder, facilitate adventurous exploration, and to inspire users to experience that magical “Aha” moment while travelling.
The Longlasting Solution: With the collaboration of esteemed intellectuals, professionals, and university experts, we create immersive audio stories and tours. While aiming to make a lasting impact and reach a wide audience, our universally accessible stories are designed to be revisited and cherished for years to come.

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Experience the essence of a place through the eyes of locals with engaging city walks, immersive cultural exchange tours, and more. By partnering with hotels, NGOs and different institutions, we provide an authentic and insider’s perspective on the vibrant tapestry of life in each location. 
Our commitment is to make these in-depth tours affordable, ensuring that a wider audience can partake in and deeply appreciate the rich cultural heritage that our small world has to offer.

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