With Storius, Let's Travel Like A Local.


The Location-base Audio Walking Guide App

Storius is a free audio-based travel app that gives you detailed stories of spectacular sites in the world. We provide in-depth audio content on the precise location of different spots. With concrete GPS coordination, users can get on-the-spot insight and cater to self-guided in-depth travel.

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Features of Storius

Have limited patience?

Learn in-depth history and stories in a quick time as possible

Have nothing better to do?

Killing time has never been more fulfilling in our daily life.

Need dating advice?

Travel around with your date or partner with zero preparation

Want to find new topics?

Find travel buddies to set off on your journey anytime

Enjoy freedom to its fullest?

Listen to stories whenever you want, and stop whenever you want


"With Stories, I can visit different places anytime, anywhere and without any limitations."


Christine, NGO worker

"I can use Storius App to go travel on myown. This is very safe under COVID-19 and the app is easy to use."


Christine, NGO worker

"Storius App helps me save a lot of time. I just need to follow their tour route guide and listen to their audios. No preparation is needed!"

As a Partner, you will have multiple benefits

Get Monetary Support

It is low cost to produce audio,
while able to be capitalized

Reach More Audience

We have over 2700 users, You
can reach your target users easily.

Digitalize Knowledge

You can inherit culture in audio
and technical forms.

Enhance Brand Image

Storius may helps you to promote the brand image and the cognition

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