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Canteen for Ordinary Citizens
Canteen for Ordinary Citizens

Creator: HVHR2022

Ohel Leah Stnagogue
Ohel Leah Synagogue

Creator: HVHR2022

Tea House near Duck Egg Street
Tea House near Duck Egg Street

Creator: HVHR2022

The Peninsula Hotel

Creator: CACHe

Wong Tai Sin Temple
Wong Tai Sin temple

Creator: saturniahung


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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Where Bustling Streets, Timeless Traditions, Diverse Cultures, Embrace Modernity in Harmony.

Siem Reap

Where Spiritual Mystique, and Time-Honored Traditions Reside Amongst Enchanting Ruins and Temples.



Where Vibrant Neighborhoods, Delectable Street Food, and Traditions Shape its Distinctive Charm.


Where Ancient Grounds, Faithful Reverence, and Historic Splendor Guide Your Spiritual Journey in the Sacred City.

What Our Users Are Saying

I love to click "Stories Nearby" to check out if there are hidden gems around me that I have no idea existed.

Iris, Ph.D., Shanghai

I joined the cemetery tour. It's such a rare topic. And the content is made by the professor very in-depth. If Storius did not recommend it, I would never explore it.

Kelvin, Social Worker, Hong Kong

Very creative to have sound effects behind the stories. It's even better than a real tour guide.

Son, Tourist, Korea

It's the best accompanying app for me to orientate myself during the first week when I arrived in Hong Kong

Isabel, Student, USA

It's much better to explore with the app, and I can stop and chill anytime, no need to be pushed by groupmates.

Amy, Academia, Taiwan

I love to join walking tours whenever I travel to a new place. Storius app provides such a level of flexibility, and I would recommend it to my friends.

Alex, consultant, Bangladesh

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Frequently asked questions

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Is Storius free to use? What languages do you offer?
Although there is exclusive content available only to premium users, you can definitely use Storius freely too! We offer several free stories and tours for you. For languages, we have multiple languages, including English, Chinese (Cantonese), and Chinese (Mandarin) available for numerous stories on the app.
We provide several kinds of stories under different categories. Our stories and tours are made by various content creators, including government, organizations, and universities.
No, we do not organize physical tours. However, you can immediately open our app and tap your fingers to listen to our stories on the spot. We can act like your virtual tour guide companion.

Permitting your location or not is definitely up to your own choice. However, since we are a location and audio-based tour app that allows you to listen to our stories while exploring the city at your own pace, we recommend you to permit your location to be able to enjoy our app the most.

Although Storius offers audio-based stories and tours for our users, we are not a podcast. We transform the insightful stories of places into audio stories to accompany your trip like a virtual guide.

We currently have stories from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Cambodia available. You can check it out and enjoy the stories as you travel to those cities. We are always trying to bring more stories from more cities to you.

Yes, you can be our content creator. You just need approval to create your account as a content creator and upload content. We offer a user-friendly content management system where you can be a content creator with us easily, just like how you use Instagram. For more details, make sure to check our ‘partners’ page!