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Let's promote unique local stories from Storius and let tourists discover
amazing Stories in the hotels or hostels

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In-depth tours have become more popular in recent years. By discovering the local stories, instead of the appearance of the city. It would be a selling point for both local and foreign tourists to have accommodation in your hotel or hostel.

Storius would love to promote cultural tourism in Hong Kong. Hotels or hostels would be the most important spot for tourists. let’s share our visions in your lobby and rooms!

With storius, an application to guide a cultural tour anytime anywhere. Local and foreign tourists can start their cultural journey right now!

Case Study

Storius collaborates with Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel, to promote the local storiues and history in Yau Mai Tei. We thus created a cultural tour surrounding Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel, Which introduces the old shops and historical building. Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel promotes Storius App in their hotel lobby and hotel rooms. The local and foreign tourists then discover the unique local stories and start their cultural journey in Yau Mai Tei by using Storius App. 

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