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Siem Reap Social Enterprise Exploration

For a small heritage city, Siem Reap is very famous for the existence of the most worldextraordinary temple. Shops, Cafes, Restaurants are growing around the tiny city which allows the flow of economical progress in an enlarging direction. Some businesses are not just aiming at making profits. 

Even if they do, they are shared or contributed to making good impacts for the involving society. These enterprises have been playing very crucial roles in the process of sustaining, caring, and preserving the wellness of the world. Storius has been collecting some of their inspiring stories to share with you, narrating the impactful messages to drive your curiosity for to explore more. What have these enterprises created? What impact have these businesses made? For whom they aimed at reaching? What challenges have they been through? Join Storius Social Enterprise Exploration with an audio-guided app; we will uncover these questions!  

Duration: 90 mins – 120 mins
Number of spots: 8 locations

Angkor Wat Gallery Exploration

As you may have known, Angkor Wat is an important archaeological site in Southeast Asia and one of the most wonderful complexes in Cambodia! This gigantic temple has been through so many hard times; however, it still stands very strong due to its solid foundation even if it has aged almost a century. 

There are numerous fabulous findings at almost every corner of this temple; therefore, Storius has been collecting some appealing stories from the inscription on the wall of the four galleries. In this walking distance audio-guided exploration, you will be able to listen to 8 stories, a means of self-exploration on what is imprinted in the heart of Angkor Temple. Starting from the Terrace of Honor, we will guide you through the gallery hall, which is in the right direction, and follow clockwise to the rest of the stories. 

Duration: 90 mins – 120 mins 
Number of spots: 8 stories

Bayon Gallery Tour

Greeting from Bayon Temple! Bayon temple is one of the main attractions in the small circuit tour in Angkor Archaeological Park, listed in UNESCO as the world Heritage Site on 14th December 1992. It is one among many other temples built under the reign of the great emperor of Angkor Empire, King Jayavarman VII.

In 1177 to 1181, Cambodia was controlled by Champa, its neighboring country. King Jayavarman VII started his campaign of freeing the country from the enemy. He set many battle fields, both naval and land. As the result, many Khmer and Champa soldiers were dead during fighting. Eventually, Khmer could defeat Champa and expel them back to their country. This event is described clearly on the wall the first gallery.

We recommend you to enter the temple from the east. You will walk along the elevated cruciform terrace. Looking straight to the main building to see the towers with smiling faces. You can also see the reclining Buddha on this terrace, two temple guardians and Asaparas welcoming you there. When you reach the first gallery, please turn left to explore the vital carving on the wall.

Duration: 60-90 minutes
Stories: 8 spot





Baphoun Temple Tour

Welcome to Baphuon complex. Baphuon is part of the Angkor Small Circut, which takes you to all the “must-see” temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park. It is located within the Angkor Thom complex approximately 200m northwest of Prasat Bayon. 
This is a beautiful 11th century “temple-mountain” with steep stairs leading visitors to a terrace which offers one of the best views in the Angkor Archaeological Park. . Archaeologists believe that this pyramid-style temple, located within the city of Angkor Thom was probably among the most impressive of the Angkor temples in its day. Unfortunately, the ravages of time and Mother Nature caused significant damage to this magnificent temple, and it was very nearly lost to history. The tale of how it was restored is just as impressive as the structure itself.

The best time for you  to visit Baphuon is in the morning or late afternoon as there is no shade available on the long walkway, and the steep climb to the top can be very taxing during the hottest part of the day. You might need at least an hour to explore Baphuon with the guided audio plus your self-exploration. This will give you enough time to wander around the site and climb to the summit. 

Duration: 60 minutes max 
Stories: 7 spots 

the Terrace Tour

Welcome to the Terrace Complex! You will hear stories about the collected temple, terraces, and statues which lie in 6 different spots. You will need approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to go through all these historical landmarks due to the distance and the practicality of the architectural existent you might be curious about. 

We suggest you starting from the inside out which is from the Royal Palace and end with Preah Palilay! In the Royal palace campus, you are going to pass three different descried spots whose stories are interconnected with each other. One interesting spot in this campus is the Phimeanakas! 

Duration: 60-90 minutes
Stories: 8 spots 

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