Storius Cambodia

We believe Storius can lead students to the world

Cultivate the next generation

We believe youngsters would be the medium to inherit these histories and stories.

Program 1

Storius cooperates with Hong Kong University Graduate Association College for planning cultural tours and letting the students discover the cultural heritages in Hing Kong by themselves during the Liberal Studies lessons.

- Do research on the attractions
- Create audio scripts
- Voice audio stories
-Share within the school community, even Hong Kong society

Program 2

Storius collaborates with ohmykids, a parent-child organization, to promote education in teenagers and children.
Last year, Storius held an event in Kowloon city with ohmykids.

Multiple checkpoint were set up in Kowloon City. When visiting Kowloon Walled City, Sung Wong Toi, and other attractions, Children must complete tasks by listening to brief stories with Storius App and accumulate enough points to redeem prizes, combining education with entertainment.


our teaching approach

  Doing Research – Students would find a spot they are interested in, which is related to culture or history, and start doing research about the location. Let’s see what happened before!

  Creating Audio Script – Students would base in the existing research or the information they collected and write an audio script. Let’s learn how to attract users in a few words with all the interesting content.

  Voicing Audio Stories – Students would create the audio stories by converting their words written on script into audio that every user will listen to. Let’s learn how to use your tones to attract Storius!

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