Our Purpose

We believe in the power of audio storytelling in improving traveller experiences. 

Not only are we concerned about how the global COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the tourism industry, but we have also identified some long-existing gaps and cracks in traditional travelling, which we hope to tackle and improve upon. 

With hopes to revive our tourism industry and to advocate for an alternative, more meaningful way of travelling, we have created Storius, the first free app providing travellers with local insights, using short, location-based and crowd-sourced audio clips.  By collecting, organising and mapping these intriguing yet unheard local anecdotes, we aim to provide an immersive, contactless travel experience for every tourist to explore like a local. 

With a diversity of authentic stories shared by devoted Storytellers from over 26 countries and territories including Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Mainland China, Thailand and many more, we empower different local communities in the preservation of their unique heritage, promote cultural awareness and help our communities connect deeper on the way.

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