About Us

Our purpose

Have you ever tried to learn to appreciate everything more after hearing a story?

We believes that the more understanding of the effort behind the city, the more appreciation will increase.

We rejuvenate the tourism industry with an unprecedented immersive travel approach and encourage travelers to explore things worth discovering.

Despite the severe impact on the tourism industry due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to identify the gaps and fissures that have long existed in traditional travel. Therefore, we have created Storius, the first free application that provides local insights to travelers through location-based and crowdsourced short audio clips. By collecting and curating these captivating yet unheard local stories, we aim to offer each traveler a non-contact, meaningful, and immersive travel experience, allowing them to explore like a local.

We inspire everyone to explore the stories within communities and share things worth appreciating.

With a firm belief in the empowering nature of sharing, we strive to become a multicultural platform where hundreds of local communities share their cultural heritage. Since October 2020, we have collected over 700 authentic stories shared by dedicated storytellers from more than 35 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Mainland China, Thailand, and more. Through audio storytelling, we aim to ignite curiosity and passion in everyone to learn about world cultures while actively contributing to the preservation of their own cultural heritage.

We have built Storius through the collective efforts of our employees and the storytelling community.

We recruit and empower interns and storytellers globally, harnessing their knowledge, skills, and voices to create social impact. Our goal is to become the next "audio Instagram," weaving everyone's heartfelt experiences and travel memories into one application.

「Storius App幫我節省了很多時間。我只需要跟著他們的導遊,聽他們的音頻。不需要額外的準備!」 -Christine, 非牟利機構工作者

「我可以使用 Storius 自己去旅行。這在 COVID-19 下非常安全,而且該應用程序易於使用」 -Mary, 非牟利機構工作者

「有了 Storius,我可以隨時隨地訪問不同的地方,不受任何限制。」 -Jess, 自助旅客